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The city of Colorado Springs is lucky to be situated at the foot of Pikes Peak. They have numerous hiking trails and I'll be telling you about some of my favorites here.

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Speaking of Pikes Peak, it's one of Colorado's fourteeners, and if you're prepared to hike 12-plus miles (one way), on a difficult trail, you can hike to the summit for a spectacular view of the surrounding area.

But if you're not up to that, (I'm not either), you can hike trails in this area that range from easy to moderate. Some of the easier trails will be at the Garden of the Gods park. I will also be telling you about some of the hiking trails at North Cheyenne Canyon Park, and Pike National Forest, including a few waterfalls.

One of those waterfalls is St. Mary's Falls, (in the Pike National Forest), and it's definitely worth the hike up there. The above link will take you to my Colorado waterfalls page and from there, scroll a little ways down the page until you see my description of the St. Mary's Falls hike.

And speaking of waterfalls, there's a waterfall that you should see here which actually doesn't require a hike. It's called Seven Falls and is a tall seven-tiered waterfall with a drop of 181 feet. Definitely worth a visit. :-)

So, if you're ready for a hike in the area, then do visit my hiking page. The first hike takes you to see two waterfalls; the first is easy to get to and the second one a little harder, but it's worth the effort.

From the Denver area, Colorado Springs is approximately one and a half hours south (or less, depending on where you leave from), on I-25. It's the second largest city in Colorado and yet, it doesn't take long to reach a hiking trail. And that's what I'll be focusing on, here.

As you might expect, there are plenty of places to stay while you're here. Many of them accept dogs, so if you have one, do bring him or her with you. The Broadmoor Hotel is the best known hotel in the city, and in fact, the whole state. This resort hotel even accepts dogs and I'll be telling you about this fancy place, later on. I will also be telling you about other nice places to stay here, as I get to them.

Restaurants in this city are also numerous. I've visited a few of them, and now that I have enough to give you a sampling, take a look and see what I thought of them.

Well, I hope you enjoy your trip to Colorado Springs. And do try to visit the Garden of the Gods; it's quite a unique place!

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