Agnes Vaille Falls

by L. Nethery
(Colorado Springs, Co.)

This was a nice waterfall but not much water coming over right now. It was still wonderful to visit another one of Colorado's beautiful waterfalls. The hike appeared to be longer than .5 miles but we made it. As they say the trail is rocky but not that bad to walk. Beautiful scenery along the hike also as has a stream not far up from the beginning of the hike. Well worth seeing etc.

Karen's reply: I see what you mean about there not being as much water in the falls right now but I still think it's pretty. We have so many nice waterfalls in Colorado :-). I do remember that it takes a long time to reach this one from the Denver area if it's being done as a day trip, but I still thought it was worth it. And about the fact that the hike seemed longer than .5 miles, it's possible that it could be a little longer. I found that figure, (of .5 miles), on another website, and assumed it was correct; but it may not have been. Anyway, I think this is a great little hike for anyone who loves waterfalls :-). Thanks for another great contribution!

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