Box Canyon Falls, Ouray

by Tom Douglas
(Highlands Ranch, Colorado)

Box Canyon Falls limited view

Box Canyon Falls limited view

One CANNOT SEE but a tiny portion of this waterfall because it is enclosed by rock (or box). But this waterfall in enclosed in a small canyon and cavern, so it is LOUD. If you like a loud roar of a waterfall, you will not be disappointed.

One can oversee the canyon from the bridge above the falls but you can't see the falls themselves. One can make an educated guess where the fall is by the catwalk below that leads toward the falls.

As you view the photo, the white streak above and the outlet at the bottom is all you can see of the falls. As I said, one cannot see the falls in its entirety.

Admission is $4.00 for adults since the falls site is operated by the City of Ouray. Drive south out of the town of Ouray along Highway 550, up the switchbacks, and follow the signs to Box Canyon Falls.

I debated about posting this one. What do you folks think?

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by: P. J. Everett

The photograph is beautiful, I'm putting this on my must see list for 2015, thanks for posting and allowing us to make comments.

Box Canyon Falls
by: Karen Price

Hi Tom,

I'm glad that you did post this one...your "limited view" photo came out a lot better than the ones I took there. Mine came out darker, so besides the "limited view", I didn't think mine was worth posting; but yours is.

Although I don't know, I'm guessing that other people will think your photo is a good one too...let's wait and see what people think :-).

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