Bridal Veil Falls, Telluride, Colorado

by L. Nethery
(Colorado Springs, Co.)

Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls

Beautiful waterfall and beautiful area. Most beautiful place I have seen in Colorado.

Karen's reply: yes, it is a beautiful waterfall and a beautiful area, not to mention a beautiful photo of Bridal Veil Falls :-).

It's the tallest waterfall I've seen in Colorado, although it's apparently not the tallest one there is, (in Colorado), according to what I've read. And the great thing about Bridal Veil Falls is that once you get to Telluride, it's fairly easy to get to. You can either park your car a short ways below it and hike up the dirt road to it. Or, if you drive slowly, you can drive up to it. The road isn't perfect, but it is possible to drive it if you go slowly. That's what we did since we were short on time, the day we went up there. Anyway, it's definitely a "don't miss" waterfall if you visit Telluride, or even if you're in the general Telluride area.

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