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Colorado travel often starts by flying into Denver International Airport, (D.I.A.). So I'll tell you first about D.I.A., its rental car locations, and the major highways leading towards the mountains from the Denver area.

Maroon Bells, near Aspen Colorado

Since airports tend to cause us all a certain amount of stress, a little knowledge about D.I.A. might help to smooth things out before you start your Colorado vacation.

D.I.A. is pretty big, but don't let that bother you. I'll give you the info that'll help you find your way around it. Because D.I.A. is big, the main terminal and three concourses tend to be spread out. This means that your Colorado travel adventure will start off with a long hike through the airport. No, just kidding!

Actually, trains run to the main terminal from each of the three concourses, (imaginatively named A, B, and C). These trains run frequently so don't worry if you miss one; there will always be another one coming soon. From your gate, just follow the signs to the middle section of your concourse. At this point, you'll either take the escalator or an elevator down to the train platform.

The train will take you to the main terminal, where you hope to find all those bags you brought with you. As you get off the train, you'll see the monitors that display your baggage claim information. From there, just follow everyone up the escalator. If your Colorado travel plans include transportation from the airport, you'll notice that bus, limo, and car rental counters surround the fountain area.

Most car rental agencies are asking that customers with reservations go directly to the car rental bus lanes on level 5. You'll find these bus lanes just outside the baggage claim areas. If you don't have reservations, then you still need to stop at the car rental counters near the fountain area. I'd advise reservations though, especially since online rates are often cheaper than what you get at the airport.

Just outside the baggage claim area is also the place to go if you'll be taking a bus, taxi, limo, or any other kind of ground transportation. Look for the signs that will tell you where to go for the various modes of transportation.

As a side note, the terminal curbside is for passenger drop-off only. So if someone is meeting you, it's best for them to park their car and meet you in the terminal at the top of the escalators. (Where the fountains are).

If you leave D.I.A. in a rental car, you'll see that this part of your Colorado travel experience will be relatively uncomplicated. This is because there is only one road leading into and out of the airport: Pena Boulevard, (pronounced like: pen-ya). All airport roads, including the car rental lots along 78th avenue, feed into Pena Boulevard.

The two major highways leading towards the mountains from the Denver area are I-25, (leading towards Rocky Mountain National Park), and I-70, which takes you to all the major mountain towns where many great hikes await you. As your Colorado travel guide, I'm giving you specific directions to the mountains on the hiking pages of this website, so just look for them there.

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