Colorado Weekend Getaway Hikes

Looking for a Colorado weekend getaway where you can hike? Rocky Mountain National Park is one such place and there are many others...

And by the way, these weekend getaways are intended to be started from the Denver area.

If you want to go to Rocky Mountain National Park, you can stay in Estes Park, which is just outside the national park. 

Estes Park lodging ideas include hotels and cabins, as well as a variety of other places to stay. Once you get settled there, and ready for a hike, there are plenty of trails to choose from. And many of them lead to waterfalls or lakes.

The Loch, RMNP

Boulder makes a good Colorado weekend getaway if you just want to do some shorter hikes. For a few ideas about that, you can visit my Boulder hiking trails page. In addition to being shorter, those hikes tend to generally, (but not always), be easier than hikes you'll find in the mountains. For some ideas on where to eat in Boulder, you can check out my Boulder restaurants page.

Colorado Springs is lucky enough to have Pikes Peak as a backdrop. And the view from Pikes Peak was what inspired Katharine Lee Bates to write "America the Beautiful". Anyway, one of the best places for some easy hikes in Colorado Springs is the Garden of the Gods. It's a free park that's full of large red rock formations. And if you like waterfalls, you can visit Seven Falls, Helen Hunt Falls, or St. Mary's Falls. Information about them is on my Colorado waterfalls page.

Steamboat Springs is another great Colorado weekend getaway spot. It has one of my favorite waterfalls in the state which is Fish Creek Falls. It's spectacular in June! It's only a short downhill walk to see it, so if you want more of a hike, you can hike up to upper Fish Creek Falls which is smaller but also very nice. More info. about them can be found on my Colorado waterfalls page.

Aspen is a pretty good weekend getaway spot if you want to hike. If you go there, then I highly recommend going to see the Maroon Bells. It's definitely a must-see in the Aspen area, and there are a number of hiking trails there. Make sure you bring your camera! Another must-see in the area is Hanging Lake, which is close to Glenwood Springs. Hanging Lake is a turquoise-colored lake with a waterfall tumbling into it.

Breckenridge has at least two waterfall hikes that I know about. So if you like waterfalls, then going there would make a good weekend getaway. The two Breckenridge waterfalls that I know of are Continental Falls, and Quandary Falls. Both of them take a little work to get there, but I think it's worth it. For information about them, see my Colorado waterfalls page.

Well, these are the Colorado weekend getaway hiking spots that I can think of for now. When I come across other ones that I think you might like, I will add them to this page. Have fun. :-)

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