Dog Friendly Vacations in Colorado

Dog friendly vacations in Colorado are fairly easy to find because pet friendly lodging exists throughout the state. Dog friendly hiking too...

Branson at Garden of the Gods

Places like the mountain parks, some of the state parks, national forests, and wilderness areas are all dog friendly. So if you love to hike with your dog, there's no reason why you can't bring your furry friend with you for a dog friendly vacation in Colorado.

Of course, if you do bring your furry friend, you'll need to find some pet friendly lodging. In Colorado, that's not hard to do. Most of the mountain towns have various types of lodging that will accept your dog.

Each property has its own rules about whether or not your dog can stay unattended in the room and most of them will charge you a fee. Our experience used to be that if you had a crate or travel kennel, you were more likely to be allowed to leave your dog unattended in the room. But that has changed. These days, our experience has been that most properties do not want your dog to be unattended in the room at any time. (Even in a crate.)

One exception to that rule is La Quinta Inn, which not only allows your (well behaved) dog to stay in the room alone, but they also do not charge a pet fee. So if you're going to be in Silverthorne, Steamboat Springs, Colorado Springs, or any of their other Colorado locations, you can use the below search box to check them out, and if you like what you see, book them. We have stayed, (with our dog), at the one in Steamboat Springs and have been very comfortable and happy there.

If you're ready to book your dog friendly hotel, (at La Quinta Inn or any other property), you can use the below search box and type your destination name into the destination box, then type in your dates. After that, click on the search button. The next page will show you a list of the various properties, and on the left of that page, you'll see the various filters you can use, including the one that says "pet friendly", under "Facility". Click on that, and you'll be all set :-).
Pet friendly airstream in Colorado.

Here's something different...have you heard of glamping? Well, if you think of glamour, and then you think of camping, you might then come up with glamping...which is just another way of saying luxury camping. And these days, a lot of people like to take their dogs with them on vacation. So, where to find these glamping sites? Well, one good place is: Glamping Hub for Pets. (Which is the sister portal to Glamping Hub.) In Colorado, they have glamping properties all over the state. They range from tipis, (yes, tipis!), to luxury cabins, and everything in between. Many of them have minimum stay requirements, so keep that in mind when you're getting ready to book them. This and other requirements and features are detailed in every listing to make it easier to choose a great property for your dog friendly vacation in Colorado. And if you want to check out the unique property in the above photo, here's a link to their pet friendly airstream.

On a different subject, you do have to eat sometimes, but dogs aren't allowed in restaurants. So we usually do this: for breakfast, we buy something to eat in the room. (Or eat the "free" breakfast.) For lunch, we take sandwiches to eat on our hike. And for dinner, we either buy something that can be eaten in the room, or we go to a restaurant and leave our dog in the car if it's cool enough outside.

Here's a list of some things you might want to bring for your canine companion on this dog friendly vacation in Colorado: portable food and water bowls, a leash, dog food, treats, towel, brush, chew toy, and plastic bags for pick up duty.

I hope that you and your canine companion enjoy your dog friendly vacation in Colorado! 

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