Hayes Falls near Carbondale, Co.

by L. Nethery
(Colorado Springs, Co.)

Just a few feet off the road as directions say and thanks for the directions. Photo taken in fall season so not much water coming out of it. Very beautiful though.

Karen's reply: you're quite welcome for the directions...I remember having some trouble finding directions to this waterfall myself. So I was happy when I did find the falls because I wanted other people to be able to enjoy it too.

You're right about it being beautiful, even in the fall. And it looks like you got a clearer photo of it than I did. I was there in the summer when there was more water in it, but that meant there was also more water in the stream at the base of the falls, so I couldn't really take the photo from the angle that I wanted to...at least not without having to stand in the stream which I didn't really want to do. It was too cold!

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