Rocky Mountain Pictures

These Rocky Mountain pictures are all from our many hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park. You’ll see pictures of mountains, lakes, waterfalls, scenery, and anything else I think you might like. Each of these pictures will also include a short description of where it is so you can go there and see it for yourself.

Fern Lake trail, Rocky Mountain National Park

This picture was taken along the Fern Lake trail, about ¾ of the way into this hike. Once you reach this point, (it’s on your left), you’ll be “almost there”, as they say. Just follow the trail as it meanders through the sweet-smelling forest until you arrive at Fern Lake.

Nymph Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park

This is Nymph Lake. The trailhead is at Bear Lake and it’s a short half mile hike to this pretty little lake covered with lily pads. Plan to be here as early as possible since it’s the most heavily used trail in the park.

Tyndall Creek, Rocky Mountain National Park

You’ll encounter Tyndall Creek on your way to Dream Lake. In fact, once you reach this creek, (or at least this portion of it), you will be close to Dream Lake. Bring your camera for a good picture of Dream Lake, then if you want to, continue on to Emerald Lake.

Dream Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park

As far as Rocky Mountain pictures go, you almost can’t go wrong with Dream Lake. It would be hard to take a bad picture of it. Anyway, the trailhead to Dream Lake starts at Bear Lake. Put this one on your “to do” list!

Emerald Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park

Here’s a look at Emerald Lake. It sits in a bowl and is the next lake on the trail after Dream Lake. The trail ends here so unless you want to scramble over rock for another 1.5 miles to see Pool of Jade, then Emerald Lake is a good spot to turn around.

Emerald Lake cliffs, Rocky Mountain National Park

These are some of the cliffs that tower around Emerald Lake. Rocky Mountain pictures like this show you why Rocky Mountain National park has the name it does!

Longs Peak, Rocky Mountain National Park

Here’s a view of Longs Peak. It happens to be one of Colorado’s “fourteeners”, meaning that it has an elevation of over 14,000 feet. I took this picture along the trail to Lake Haiyaha, which is accessed from Bear Lake.

Nymph Lake and Bear Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park

This Rocky Mountain picture gives you a bird’s eye view of Nymph and Bear lakes. It’s a great spot to take in the scenery around you and the picture was also taken along the Lake Haiyaha trail.

Bridal Veil Falls, Rocky Mountain National Park

Bridal Veil Falls is reached from the Cow Creek trailhead. It’s a three mile, (one way), moderate hike that can be hot during the summer, so bring plenty of water. We met a couple of people who had seen bobcats in the area so be on the lookout for them!

West Creek Falls, Rocky Mountain National Park

Here’s another look at West Creek Falls. If you’d like to go see it, the trailhead is McGraw Ranch and it’s a two mile, (one way), moderate to difficult hike. This is where we encountered someone who saw what was probably a bobcat in the little cave near the falls, so be looking for them.

Copeland Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park

This is Copeland Lake and you can drive straight to it. It's accessed from the Wild Basin area of Rocky Mountain National Park and is just a short ways beyond the fee area. Although you can't see this in the picture, there are picnic tables among those trees on the other side of the lake and it makes a great spot to have lunch.

Cub Lake, Rocky Mountain National Park

This picture is of Cub Lake, and it was contributed by Lakshmi Mukundan who is a visitor of this site.

Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Here's another picture that Lakshmi contributed:

Rocky Mountain National Park lake, Colorado

This picture was also contributed by Lakshmi Mukundan. I like the angle he chose here :-).

I’ll be adding more Rocky Mountain pictures to this page from time to time, so do check back every once in a while.

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