Staunton State Park

by Sherrie
(Colorado Springs)

I haven't been there yet because this is the opening weekend for this new state park, but we are planning a trip this summer.

Karen's reply: I haven't been there yet either but am planning on going there this spring or early summer. I'm looking forward to seeing and photographing the waterfall they have which is called Elk Creek has a drop of almost 100 feet so it sounds like it should be a nice one. I don't know yet where it is in the park, but after I go there, I will report back here, and add a picture or two.

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by: L. Nethery

Karen do you have any idea of how far the hike is to Elk Falls in Staunton State Park. If so I would love to know.

Karen's reply: I would love to know that too :-)...but I'm afraid I currently have no idea. I checked the trails page on their website and it doesn't show a trail to the waterfall. Then I clicked on the link on their trails page that says "Staunton State Park map". That showed that a trail called "Lion's Back Trail" is one mile, (don't know if that's one-way or round-trip), to an overlook of the falls. Apparently, (from what the trail key on the map shows), there is currently no trail that goes directly to the waterfall. But it looks like they are planning to build a trail called "Elk Falls Trail" at some point in the future...I'm surprised they haven't done it already :-). Oh well, I guess we can still hike to the overlook in the meantime.

May 29, 2013 update: Gary and I drove up to Staunton State Park yesterday, and when we arrived at the entrance station, we told the person there that we would like to go see the waterfall. He smiled, then said the trail to the waterfall was fourteen miles round-trip. We were extremely surprised since we had no idea it was so far. He then said that the future planned trail to the waterfall will be six miles round-trip. That's a lot more do-able :-). So I asked him if he knew when that trail might be finished, and he said he didn't know since it depends on funding.

So, that's what I know for now. I'll update this again if I find out anything worth mentioning, and in the meantime, if you visit the park and find out anything interesting about the future trail to the waterfall, feel free to post it here :-).

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