Treasure Falls

by L. Nethery
(Colorado Springs, Colorado)

Had a trip to Durango so thought I would stop by Treasure Falls and take a photo. Was a little disappointed as water flow was real low. Still is a beautiful site to see and to hike to. Very short hike mostly slight upgrade all the way about 1/2 mile is what I would say. Plan to go back one day in early spring and know the water flow will be better. This photo was taken at the base of the waterfall.

Karen's reply: I know what you mean about being a little disappointed with the low water flow; we were actually at Treasure Falls yesterday and it had the lowest water level we have ever seen in it. We also saw it last year at about this time, (late June), and it was spectacular then, having been a good snow year. So it just goes to show what a difference it makes when our mountains get lots of snow. Hopefully we'll get lots of it next winter :-).

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