Water Falls at Lake Irwin Colorado

by L. Nethery

Upper fall at Lake Irwin

Upper fall at Lake Irwin

Karen gave just great directions and got to go out for the first time since heart operation. Just beautiful area to go to except high winds must have blown trees down as there were about 8 down on or near the falls. Thanks Karen for the website.

Karen's reply: Thank you so much Loyal, for another beautiful photo...you do such great work :-). And I'm glad you're able to go out again since your heart operation.

Thank you too for the kind words about directions...I try my best to give good directions so people can go to these wonderful places and enjoy them as much as I do :-).

And yes it is a beautiful area. I didn't know about the trees being blown down since that wasn't the case when I was there. Maybe the forest service people will remove them, although sometimes they like to leave nature alone, which is fine too.

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